About Us

In 2012, a group of North Bay law enforcement officers and firefighters were asked by the ice staff at Snoopy’s Home Ice if they had ever considered playing a grudge match hockey game against each other. While the idea sounded enticing, we decided that to truly get bragging rights there had to be something on the line in addition to professional pride.

Knowing all too well that there was at least one tragic story behind one of our local peers each year, we decided to create an event that would allow us to play for pride while raising money for those in need. We could help raise funds for someone who was put into a financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances. It was then that the Northbay Guns-N-Hoses Hockey Club was established.

After each game the winning team takes home the Cagle Cup, an award named after a Santa Rosa Fire Captain, our first honoree. While the pride is captured on the ice, the real victory occurs when we are able to donate the funds raised to help those in need. After six games, we have helped raise over $76,000 while partnering with local non-profits.

In October, our community was devastated by a series of fires that took 43 lives and left tremendous damage in its wake. After planning a tribute game for the public we were contacted by the San Jose Sharks Alumni Foundation who were interested in coming to Santa Rosa to skate against our team for charity. The Sharks Alumni have dedicated their resources to help make this next event a regional success, and we hope you can join us for the game.